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This is a swedish blog so sorry, this brief summary is the only page in english. You may also want to visit our Gallery of our photos so far.

This is a webpage dedicated to our project to make a photo of near space at 30 000 meters over sea level. Two attempts has been made so far. Three more to come.

A little movie from attempt number 2

What about the first attempt?

The fist attempt was last seen leaving Sweden in the direction towards Denmark. Most likely its dropped down in Denmark, or Holland, or Germany depedning on the local weather. This was not planned and no indications anywhere could lead us to beleve it whould travel such a distanse. All indications from software and vind directions suggested it whould tocuhdown in Sweden nearby Falkenberg. However, the gods where smiling upon us and Christian in Hesselager, Denmark found the ballon and payload incact. Thanks a lot for calling us and waiting up for us to come and fetch it. All creds to him and his nice friends!

Youtube movie from the first attempt for all you non Swedish people out there..

Also, visit a project in America similar to ours, pacificstarflight

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